M3AAWG 34 in Dublin - public call for papers


From: "Alec Peterson" <alec@messagesystems.com>
To: "technical@mailman.m3aawg.org" <technical@mailman.m3aawg.org>
Date: Tue, Mar 3, 2015 11:32 PM
Subject: [Technical] M3AAWG 34 Call for Papers

The 34th General Meeting of the Messaging Malware Mobile Anti-Abuse

Working Group (M3AAWG) will be held in Dublin, Ireland from June 8-11,
2015. You may find information about all of our upcoming meetings at
Upcoming Meetings | M3AAWG. The Technical Committee is
currently seeking proposals for sessions for our upcoming meeting in
Dublin. Sessions may involve single speakers or panels with up to four
participants and are typically 60 minutes long. A successful proposal is
of a technical nature that is relevant to the operationally-focused
participants of M3AAWG. Topics of relevance include but are not limited to:

+ DMARC / (DMARC.org) [http://DMARC.org]
+ IPv6 (other than mailbox provider perspective)
+ Pervasive Monitoring / Encryption Efforts (Messaging Security)
+ Unique Attack and/or Mitigation Analysis
+ Emerging Threats
+ Viruses, Worms, Trojans, and other Malware
+ Exploit Kits
+ Pay-Per-Install Campaigns
+ Cybercrime Underground Economy
+ Targeted Attacks
+ Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)
+ Security Issues involving the 'Internet of Things'
+ Security Issues involving Critical Infrastructure
+ Social Engineering
+ Phishing and Other Scams
+ The evolution of mobile malware (e.g., NotCompatible)
+ Mobile penetration of non-mobile networks barriers
+ The rise of Over-the-Top sources of mobile messaging abuse
Please submit your session proposals to M3AAWG General Meeting Session Submission Form by

May 1, 2015 at the latest. Travel assistance is available for special
cases. All participants must adhere to the M3AAWG Conduct Policy at
M3AAWG Conduct Policy | M3AAWG. Media will be permitted
into sessions only with the speakers’ advance consent. The contents of this
CFP are public. Please feel free to redistribute this document.