LTE for CCTV projects?

A friend of mine works for a physical security company, and he is
looking for LTE vendors who might help him create wireless networks
that they can run video over. Up to this point, they've used 5.x GHz
(802.11a and now 802.11n) for most everything, with 4.9 GHz in certain
cases where they could apply for the license.

Recently, however, he has been aggressively reaching out to LTE
vendors. I asked why LTE instead of WiMAX (which is more "baked" when
it comes to large CCTV deployments around the world), and he gave the
following reasons:

--true mobile (not simply souped up local wireless) solution
--access to the lower 700 MHz band (which can go farther, for obvious reasons)
--access to a public safety block (licensed similar to 4.9 GHz). I've
googled "d block LTE", but can't determine whether or not he is 100%
eligible or not...
--While WiMAX has "better" ROI (for most people, anyway), this isn't
too much of an option because their overall ROI is good based on the
premium services they offer

Anyone else's thoughts on this? I'd be particularly intersted in
knowing which LTE vendors might be worth talking to in this dept.