lt2p/pptp vpn concentrators

Hey -

We're currently looking for a small lt2p/pptp concentrator, mainly so people can connect via their iphones/androids with some vpn client to get email on the go.

Does anyone have any boxes that they love/hate?

Thanks for the advice

Soekris with a copy of pfsense on it.


I didn't realize that os x server can run this - and pretty much anyone can set up os x in 5 seconds -- anyone have any horror stories?

Bryan Irvine wrote:

Hello, Leslie,

Can you define small?

How does a GNU/Linux server, which is able to terminate 200+
PPTP/IPSec(L2TP) sessions on a moderately old hardware, sound? Having
that, you only need iPhones/Androids (v 1.6 and above) configured with
their native VPN clients, and you're ready... :slight_smile:

I know someone who's run an OS X server VPN for years without issue.

If you're looking for ease of client configuration, try a Cisco router or ASA.

A current enterprise best-practice is to put your Exchange web server
in the DMZ, sacrificing some security for not having to deal with the
annoyance of supporting client-side tunneling.

Drive Slow,
Paul Wall

pfsense or Vyatta on Intel dual core hardware with decent network cards will save you a ton of $$$ and run thousands of tunnels.