Low cost WDM gear

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I cannot recommend FiberStore as I had a bad experience with them. I needed to cover only 3km from A to B side. When using 10km optics, I saw a loss of over 5db with their passive mux inserted into the path which created a total loss of over -20db which is outside of the tolerances for our equipment with 10km SFP+. Using another vendors low insertion loss mux corrected our issue. I am sure if you are using an 80km optic, you may be able to tolerate a higher insertion loss to cover < 60km. I also notice that their CDWM optics averaged about 3db less in power output when compared to other vendors.



What others vendors do you using? Here in Brazil only PADTEC have this passive solution... Some days ago Digitel contact me to show your multiplex solution... Is a active solution...
We import this from fiberstore, but i don't know others vendors to buy 10G sfp+ cwdm and this mux/demux...

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I am sorry, but it sounds like you made a mistake in not calculating loss of the devices in the path, and are blaming a Mfg for the mistake... They clearly list the insertion loss for the different muxes in the specs on their website.

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If you pay close attention to the Spec Sheets, on power output, insertion loss, sensitivity, and do the proper calculation for your link, then using anyone's products, passive or active will work unless the devices do not meet specified specs.

If you don't do your homework, cals on the design, loss, and just buy stuff based on whatever, then it does not matter who the mfg. is, you are very very likely to be surprised in a bad way.


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I'm surprised how many people (operators and vendors) in the fixed wireless space don't get down to the specs (or provide the proper info) to just figure out how it'll work before hanging the gear.

I shouldn't be surprised, though. People are lazy (myself included).