Low cost WDM gear

I know there are various Asian vendors for low cost (less than $500) muxes to throw 16 or however many colors onto a strand. However, they don't work so well when you don't control the optics used on both sides (therefore must use standard wavelengths), obviously only do a handful of channels and have a distance limitation.

What solutions are out there that don't cost an arm and a leg?

Hi Mike

I can recommend a couple of vendors that provide cost effective solutions.
Ekinops & Packetlight.

For clarification, I do know that the mainstream vendors can take standard wavelengths and can do long distances, but that's where the arms and legs come in.


Look into SolidOptics. www.Solidoptics.com
Great Mux and Add-drops, plus fantastic optics. We are not optical engineers so when we have had questions about new links their team has always been open about what will and what won't work based on what we are trying to accomplish. We are only using their CWDM passive mux and various optics, been extremely happy on price and performance. No issues.

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