looking to solve a business problem

I am looking to solve a business problem.


I have just started a small business that provides Medic-Vac services,
via helicopter. My company will be fully operational by April 2, 1998.
Currently I have two helicopters with 8 pilots and 10 crewmembers
�Nurses and EMT�. I have a staff of ten that provide admin services.
The main office is operational 24 hours a day. Shift workers monitor
calls, flight assignments and daily logs. I have one accountant that
manages payroll, general billing, and medical billing. One secretary
responsible for general office duties and one mechanic that handles
helicopter maintenance and manage inventory. Plus myself, who oversee
the company operations.

There are 3 buildings, co-located. One is a 1500sq-f t office, second is
a 20,000sq-ft hanger, and the third is sleeping quarters, 1500sq ft
equipped with kitchen, bedrooms, rec room, and rest rooms.

Issues: Office Automation

I need help in deciding the best approach in automation. I have some
experience in today�s information systems and a general knowledge of
networks and telecommunications.

I am looking for one server that is capable of handling the bulk of the
automation �Accounting, Office Applications, Backups, Network, File and
Print services, Email, Fax, Internet, etc.

I need computers that can provide a smooth intergradesition with the
server and have the horse power needed for today�s business

I am looking for a network design that will be able to sustain growth
for the next 4 to 5 years. Our expected growth will include adding 3
more helicopters, crewmembers will triple, and two additional mechanic.

I am looking for telecommunications ideas. Hospitals have asked me to
provide video and voice capabilities that would allow assistance to
crewmembers while if flight. Ideas on bandwidth, for Internet and
inter-office activity�s.

I am looking for solutions to business applications that is standard and
easy to manage.

If any one out there has suggestion or is interested in group brain
storming, please let me know. You can email at jb@ceres.ca.gov or we
can use nanog.

Thank you,

Jim brackman, Ph.D.

I made an error in judgement. I apologies to all who feel that this is not
appropriate forum for NANOG. After being a member and participating
in-group discussion, I came to realize how talented the members are in the
areas of Network and Telecommunications. I felt that I could get good

I also give you the wrong email address, it should have been

Again, My apologies


Jim Brackman wrote: