Looking for unidirectional simplex satlink

Can anyone point me at satellite providers who provide Internet
unidirectional (simplex) satellite transmissions at E1 speed (unshared,
non-broadcast), other than Interpacket, that cover the Middle East area?



Orion Atlantic 800-786-7466 / 301-258-8101/3350

Manny Leiva - Manager, Product Development


unless you have intelsat connections through comsat and a host country in
the middle east, your best bet is using nsn's russian bird. or going with
arabsat or israel's new ku bird. (obviously, unless your traffic lands in
israel, you can't). the problem is, without specifying *which* area of the
middle east you are targeting, the choice of ku spot beams are speculation
at best.

don't waste your time yet with orion atlantic - they do not have coverage
of the middle east. the european broad ku beam covers only europe - its
eirp pattern falls off and dies before it gets across the southern border
of turkey. besides, you are below ten degrees elevation angle all along
eastern europe and turkey, so you cannot get e1 anyway due to link

go to nsn in colorado (http://nsn.net) and enquire about their remarketing
program for capacity on rscc express ii. the russians have two global
birds (albeit c-band) with crossover coverage of the middle east, and with
a large enough g/t by scaling up the size of the receive dish at the
receive-only terminal in the middle east, you can push a cheap e1 through it.

remember, intelsat is by far the best way to go for coverage, but maybe not
recurring cost of space segment lease. nsn can get you to intelsat as
well, and intelsat will be the vastly-superior ku-band for dry climates
like most of the middle east. either the new intelsat 604 at 69 degrees
east longitude, or the newer 704 at 66 degrees east, will provide plenty of
power and bandwidth for your purpose.

happy new year!