looking for operational community input

Hi guys.

This January a couple hundred people from the net-ops world, anti virus,
anti spam, law enforcement, etc. are getting together.

I'd appreciate if any of you can send me input (off list, if not relevant
to generate discussion) on what the net-ops community at large, rather
than just the security operations community, sees and is pre-occupied by.

Specifically on subjects such as:
1. Attacks.
2. Law enforcement.
3. DDoS.
4. Botnets.
5. Financial fraud.
6. Spam.
7. End users (bots?)
8. Your topic here?

And whats specifically you've had issues with and/or are looking for
solutions for or for what others are doing when it comes to security and
security related issues.

We will relay information back after the workshop, likely in early
February. One of the net-ops folks who attend will likely relay this
information back (Probably Danny McPherson or Don Smith).

To ask specific questions and/or direct us in specific directions, pick
and choose: