Looking for Jim Flemming (no, really) - Please don't flame

I have a legal issue, which I need to contact Jim Flemming,
This is a serious, urgent issue, thank you for your cooperation.

I’ve tried google searches, contacting several emails he had before, even contacting the providers there, without any luck.

I even tried contacting Richard Sexton (shudder) without any luck.

No one has yet responded to the emails or posts.
This is a last effort, and I know his name often incites flames and other issues here as well, but this is a last resort.

If someone knows how to contact him, please email this address.
Yahoo won’t allow me to put in my full name in the “from” field,

So if you know how to find him, or if Jim is reading this, please contact
John Palmer via email at cerebus_8@yahoo.com
thats cerebus_8 AT yahoo DOT com (in case filters mangle it)

Again this is a serious legal issue which I need to resolve personally with Jim.