looking for help for the statistics data on spoofing attack events on Internet

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We have already found CAIDA's backscatter, MIT's spoofer project. Spoofer
project focuses on how much space in the Internet could be spoofable. It
is very helpful for our experiment. But we also want to know how often the
spoofing events(such spoofing IP attacks, spoofing route update) occurs,
or the degree of their activity in real world. Monitoring the Internet
widely is very difficult,so I hope to get some useful infomation by
surveying the related statistical data and report from organization.
currently, this way has no effective result.

As one of the co-authors to RFC2827/BCP38, I certainly understand
your concerns.

Which is why I encourage anyone who is interested to put their
efforts into SAVA/SAVI work currently underway in the IETF.

[SAVA: Source Address Validation Architecture]

I personally think this is important work, but probably for different
reasons than most people. :wink:

- - ferg

[1] http://www3.ietf.org/proceedings/07dec/minutes/savi.txt
[2] IETF 70 Preliminary & Interim Materials