Looking for glue (BIA network partition work-around for schools)

Howdy folks,

One of the hats I wear is owner of the triballaw mailing list, and with that
comes other things. The BIA's network got shut down again for profoundly bad
operational practice, which of course can't be fixed by the application of
clue, as that would imply wrongdoing, lack of clue, etc. The underlying issue
is the Trust Fund, which should be fixed about the same date as end-of-Epoch.

I got mail from a parent of a child enrolled in a school that was provisioned
by the BIA, and now has no data service. The school is located in Cherokee,
North Carolina (which means that I'm related to these people).

There are other BIA schools or schools that may be provisioned by the BIA,
and are now really digitally divieded.

Any help in finding solutions would be greatly appreciated. This is one of
those "White Knights" kind of things, with tee-shirts for those who ride to
the resucue.