Looking for contact within Comcast Xfinity

If anyone from Comcast Xfinity is on this list, can you please reach out
to me?

We're getting increased reports of xFi Advanced Security customers being
unable to access hosted sites and attempting to open tickets has had no


Michael Brown

I ran into this a few days ago.

Both the random agent I talked to and our sales rep said they can’t disable the security edge service without increasing the cost of service for all of our accounts.

Apparently it costs more to not molest DNS traffic leaving your network.

They can temporarily disable it, but they said it will turn back on when the modem is rebooted.

It seems to only affect TCP and UDP port 53.

I fixed it by setting all of our routers to use DoH and DoT exclusively. They can’t intercept and molest that traffic.


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Comcast also molests SIP.

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Please contact me off-list and I'll see if I can be of any help.

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