Looking for colocation in NY or NJ


I’m looking to establish a POP in the area with the purpose of connecting to exchanges (DE-CIX, Equinix New York, NYIIX). I’ll need access to Lightower or Level(3) for transport back to Springfield (1 Federal St), & Boston MA (1 Summer St).

I’ll need a cabinet, 208v power, planning on a Juniper MX480 but my go with a couple MX204s

Initially I was looking at 111 8th. I’m getting pricing from Equinix for NY2 that will save $$ on space & power. Is it really ‘all the same’ and I can get anywhere to anywhere in NY Metro?

Would I be handicapping myself by going across the river into NJ?



You should talk to the guys at Towardex.



We have collocation at 111 8th Equinix and 165 Halsey Street Newark NJ in one of the new MMRs. We much prefer Halsey due to the fact they do not charge MRCs for cross-connects. We pick up De-Cix/NYIIX from there plus a bunch of other providers, the building is overall pretty carrier dense. When looking into 165 Halsey you will probably want to do some homework and make sure the carriers you are using have redundant paths to the rest of their network from Halsey as some are just a stub of the NY POPs.