looking for benchmarks for campus and metropolitan networks

Hi Folks,

I do an increasing amount of work with municipal electric utilities and
local governments that are building community-wide MANS. The technology
of choice is starting to be gigabit ethernet.

I'm trying to pull together some benchmarks, or at least rules of thumb,
for capacity planning - and I figure that large campus networks are a good
place to start.

So... to those of you who manage large campus or corporate networks, and
particularly those of you running gigE as a campus backbone, do you have
any rules of thumb regarding:

- average/peak bandwidth per desktop
- average/peak bandwidth per workgroup-level switch
- how much bandwidth to provision between your campus network and your
backbone POP(s)
- etc.

And... can you suggest any reference sources (books, web sites, email
lists, etc.) that focus on design issues for very large campus networks?

Thanks very much,

Miles Fidelman