Looking for AT&T / Verizon / Sprint WWAN service impressions - on or off-list replies welcome

Charles Wyble wrote:

Crooks, Sam wrote:

I'm considering use of AT&T / Verizon / Sprint WWAN services and the
Cisco 3G router interface cards/integrated module in C880 routers for
primary or backup WAN network connectivity for routers.

I haven't used the integrated cards with cisco gear. However I do have
300+ cards deployed throughout the United States (EVDO USB modems on
Linux boxes).

I'm looking for information from users of these services on the
- addressing - Do these WWAN services use dynamic, PPPoE or static IP
assignment typically? Any of the 3? All?
   - is static IP assignment available?

We have static IP assignment for our Verizon cards. Sprint cards aren't

I received an offlist response indicating Sprint now offers static.


After much hassle and several false starts and disconnects in getting in
touch with the right department in Sprint, I spoke to a woman in
technical support in the group that supports 3G data cards.

She said:

- public IP addresses are used
- static IP available for $3/mo additional
- maximum 3G data plan is 5GB/mo of data transfer, retail reate, $60/mo
(which is typically cheaper than your typical ADSL/IDSL or ISDN service

Sam Crooks

What is it about the bloody telcos. You want to spend money, but yet you can't reach the right people to get your questions answered or schedule the service.


I experienced this recently, trying to have some inside wiring work done at my house. They rolled a tech, but then he claimed he "wasn't prepared" to do the work. What exactly was he prepared to do, on an inside wiring call? It took multiple calls / disconnects to SBC to get to the right dept and have a tech deployed who was actually prepared to install the jack.

Do these places take courses on anti sustainability? It's amazing they are still in business.

Crooks, Sam wrote: