Looking for an admin at Solarwinds MSP/Mail Assure

Does anybody have a contact at Solarwinds MSP where I could troubleshoot some issues with receiving messages from their Mail Assure platform?

We have several users/domains that cannot receive messages from them and I don’t see any connections from their servers at the TCP level that I can troubleshoot. It seems like they are holding onto old records but the admins that hold the service contract have not been able to produce any kind of logs from their support. When they send a message they get 5.0.0 response, but the same thing happened when they typ-o’d the domain which tells me it’s a bad lookup on their server. I’m happy to work with anybody at solarwinds MSP or anybody else that might be able to shed some light on this. My users are just having issues receiving the message from solarwinds customers but I’m happy to put any amount of my resources into getting this resolved.

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