Looking for a Google contact (peering frustrations)

AS397031 here, located in Telehouse (7 Teleport). We picked up a port on NYIIX specifically to peer with google and cloudflare. We were doing around 6gbps inbound from google over the NYIIX for some time then without warning google withdrew routes from us, I'm guessing because too much bandwidth over an IIX and they prefer a private interconnect at that point. So we requested to peer with them via a PNI and were denied, saying they can't do that either as they're not located in any Telehouse buildings. So I'm left with no Google peering

A 10gb wave from where we are to the nearest google peering point is basically the same cost as 10gbps from HE, so trying to figure out my best options here. Open to suggestions! Ideally we would love to peer with google again over NYIIX if possible.

Fixed off list by (several) google employees. Thanks!

What was the outcome?

It seems they accidentally stopped sending any prefixes at all to the IIX and we were somehow the only ones to notice - that's been fixed. Also was offered a cache appliance since we're approaching near 10gbps of youtube traffic. Very happy with how it turned out