Looking for a contact @ XO

Howdy, I apologize for using the list as a 'paging mechanism' but I have exhausted all possible avenues towards reaching a solution to a simple issue with XO including their help desk, their abuse desk, any old contacts I may have had, their local sales office, their old NNTP contact address, their BGP address, and so-on. (just to make it clear I have exhausted all of the possible avenues before attempting to use this one) We're running up against a very serious security/abuse issue and if anyone knows of, or is the proper contact (not the address published in the ARIN records because that apparently is not the appropriate address as they appear to be clueless) I would appreciate any help you can offer.

        I already realize that some folks believe that using the list as a 'paging mechanism' isn't favorable and there is currently a discussion going on in another thread about that so there really doesn't need to be another one started here regarding that on-list, or off.