Looking for a AS15169 Google contact to update their PeeringDB records


We’re noticed that PeeringDB records of AS15169 in IX.br (PTT.br) São Paulo is outdated.

I’ve tried to contact AS15169 to update it via IX Session Turnup ticket and noc@google.com but didn’t get a reasonable response.

That’s what I got from noc@google.com:

Dear Team,
Thank you for contacting the Google NOC, as 15169.

With the details provided we were unable to identify the relevant link.

Please provide following items to identify which session is impacted:

  • Peering City
  • BGP peering ASNs, including your own AS
  • BGP peer IP addresses

Thanks & Regards,

Google Network Operation Center (GNOC) |noc@google.com |

Can someone contact me off list about this issue?

Siyuan Miao

While I hope you get the contact you asked for, you can use IX.br communities to manipulate how your route announcement reaches them or not, so that even with the lack of other network cooperation, you might be able to achieve your goals.


I’m sure someone else already contacted you, but in the off chance that didn’t happen :slight_smile:
maybe find me privately and we can chat? :slight_smile: