Local Exchanges?

Joel Sadler wrote:

b. If there is no such list, I'd really like to get it started.

The Exchange Point info Bill Manning maintains also includes local IXs in
Asia, Africa, Middle East, ALyC, etc.

It would be more helpful to just contribute to keeping those all of
those pages current.


Steve Huter, NSRC

Agreed. As Sharif pointed out, there's really no reason to reinvent the
wheel. I've sent a note to Bill to see what we can work out. Guess I
should've approached this a different way, as all I'd like to do is have a
central location where people can get info about local exchanges.

I have gotten 4 msgs from people that aren't listed on Bill's page tho, so
at least I've got something to add to his existing pages.

Please follow-up to nodlist@nodewarrior.net.

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