Local Exchanges?

  I have been searching for, and unable to find a "definitive" list
of local exchanges. I've got Bill Manning's
<http://www.isi.edu/div7/ra/NAPs/naps_na.html>, but I've seen
announcements of more then a few exchanges that aren't on that list. What
I'd like is to ask that one of the following things happen:

a. If you know of such a definitive list, and I just haven't found it, let
us all know.

b. If there is no such list, I'd really like to get it started. I'll
commit to maintaining it regularly for at least 18 months. I really don't
care where it's "housed."

  I think that such a list being incomplete is to our detriment.
Granted, there are far worse problems, but ... The benefits of such a
list would seem to speak for themselves. I have my own reasons for wanting
the data, but think that a collected list like this would benefit quite a
few more people then myself, if they can only find it.

  Before I get too much further with this, I'd like to define what I
mean by a local exchange:

  - inter-provider traffic exchange for a mutually agreed upon
  geographic area/region. No backbone transit expected, but may
  be provided for an extra fee.

  Examples would be: SIX <http://www.altopia.com/six>,
  BNAP <http://www.baltimore-nap.net>,
  and AMAP <http://zanett.alaska.net/~mattm/amap>.

  I am not looking for PAIX's, MAE's, etc. Local exchanges,
IMHO, are not concerned with getting packets across the country -
rather, they are more interested in keeping traffic within the same
geographic region to keep it off the backbone to begin with.

Here's what I'd like to propose:

If you are a member of such an exchange, and your exchange's charter
doesn't forbid it, please drop me a line with the details outlined below.
If there is something in your charter forbidding such an "admission",
please take it up with the other members of the exchange and try to get it

I'll drop the list a line after ISP-Con, with either a URL or a cry of

Lastly, if you've got suggestions, flames, or chocolate, please feel free
to drop me a line. As this is NANOG, discussion probably should move to
NOD-list, if warranted.

SIX and AMAP are there. Mail BNAP info to Bill.
Don't reinvent the wheel.

Joel Sadler wrote: