Live-streaming the Root Zone Key-Signing Key Ceremony 22


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ICANN, as the IANA Functions Operator, will be live-streaming the Root Zone
Key-Signing Key Ceremony (number 22) on Thursday, August 13. The "main"
ceremony that day is scheduled to begin at 2000UTC.

(This is an activity related to DNSSEC.)

For more information about the event see:

On Thursday there will be two cermonies as listed on that web page.

The first ceremnoy will rotate cryptographic officer duties, basically, a
change in some of the trusted community representatives participating in
the key ceremonies.

The second ceremony (the "main") will feature the introduction of two new
Hardware Security Modules. This is the ceremony that will start at 2000

Please see the above link for more information. The live-streaming link
is at the bottom of the page. (