Lists of VPN exit addresses?

Does anyone keep lists of the exit addresses of public VPN services?

I presume there is no need to explain why this would be of interest.


To keep consumers who've legitimately purchased/rented/subscribed to content from accessing same when they travel internationally?

Because as a regular international traveler, that's what springs to mind when I see requests like this.

Another thought is governmentally-driven censorship, something else I encounter a lot in my travels.

I’ll just simplify this and say that the Tor Project publishes a list of its exit nodes so you can block these if your abuse/fraud requirements necessitate this.

If it’s for geolocation blocking, I’m in favor of these political limitations to go away. It doesn’t take a genius to bypass these if that’s your intent.

- Jared

Well if they are using Hola then EVERY person with it installed is an

I'd imagine it is quite easy for a lot of these providers to have a
pre-configured virtual machine template or cd image that they can deploy
across the board amongst a plethora of different VPS solutions as well.
Being able to bring up exit points on the fly would be very helpful in
bypassing censorship.

I was talking a few weeks ago with a developer type from China who said something to the effect of “Hosted X is a problem because while developer types have experience getting around firewalls, [manager types] do not…”

Yes, we all know that technical people can generally get around these sorts of blocks, and non-technical people all too often can't.

The majority of people aren't technical (using Facebook and Instagram all day <> technical).

I thought your point was that you encounter governmentally-driven censorship frequently in your travels, and you were in favor of making it easier to get around it. The need for this was what my anecdote was meant to illustrate.

Yes, absolutely. We're in violent agreement.


You can get all known commercial v4 VPN endpoints with one declaration:

That'll guarantee you catch em!

Good luck :slight_smile:

In article <> you write:

I presume there is no need to explain why this would be of interest.

Gee, I appear to have presumed wrong. My concrete application is
vetting updates to the contact database, to recognize people
who are trying to hide their actual location.

To keep consumers ...