LISA: sysadmin conference, take 16.

I got a chance to go to last years LISA for the first time. I had been
trying to go for 3 yrs. I have changed companies since then and am now
working for a lot smaller company that can't afford to pay for these kinds
of things which brings me to my question(s) for the list:

How can an individual that has passed beyond "student" status afford the
costs of LISA? I'm already a Usenix member in good standing, but even at
those rates, to attend the whole week is quite expensive for an
individual. (It's about equal to my rent here in NYC which isn't cheap)

Just wondering if any nanogers have tried to justify this cost to
themselves if they have had to pay for it, or if there's a hidden
"my-company-and-I-can't-afford-that-much" button/link on their web page.

TIA for input, and those that feel it's not on topic can reply to me off


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Simple -- you get them to invite you to give a talk, or you submit a paper that is good enough to be accepted for presentation at the conference. The first time I was successful at doing this for LISA was at LISA 2000, with my talk "The Design and Implementation of Highly Scalable E-Mail Systems".

  I will be speaking again at LISA 2002, this time on "Domain Name Server Comparison: BIND 8 vs. BIND 9 vs. djbdns vs. ???", and according to the page at <>, they would appear to have given me ninety minutes of time. Interesting, when I first submitted the proposal, they asked me if I preferred a short (20 min) slot or a long (30 min) slot. And they never did tell me how much time I would be getting....