Linux router (don't laugh) WAS:Re: test

Lo and behold, Phil Howard once said:

Anyone know where to get some multi-port (not hub/switch, but true distinct
ports) NIC cards that are in the price range of N times the cost of a normal
NIC card, compatible with Linux? I have a project that needs 12 to 20 ports.
I've stuffed 4 NIC cards into a Linux box and it handles that OK. But I'd
like to get more in there at proportional cost (I can hack the kernel if it
needs any table size increases ... viva la source).

For one thing I'd like to isolate all our colocation boxes into their own
individual subnets.

Try Phobos -

They make a quad 10/100 ethernet port; it's about $50 less than the other
quad NICs around, and performs quite well. I'm not sure what their Linux
support is.