Links on the blink - what will/should mci & sprint do?

> > Sounds like there is a need for a good ip switch. Something simple,
> > very fast, and low cost that you can download "static" routes to.
> It's called an SSP.

And it's available as a standalone box?

routing tables are NOT static. Switching is working fine, but the size of

All routes are static for short periods of time.

This has all been discussed before, but there are advantages to doing
route table calculation on general purpose machines.

FWIW, the whole issue is has too many similarities to the old uucp
routing software pathalias.

I suppose you would like to see an SSP with some sort of interface
directly into its switching tables, maybe based on DMA?

Can you be sure that Cisco and/or other companies aren't working on this

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