links on the blink (fwd)

Hmm, Dennis, interesting message. No disagreement with anything you
said. Not clear what to do next, though. I think you are saying that
the Internet has been very successful, fairly constantly outrunning its
own technology capabilities. As this success happened, people started
to rely on it and assumed growth and wealth for generations to come,
perhaps neglecting significant and necessary and fairly short term (1-3
(5?) years deployment horizon) development efforts at the right time,
and rather shifting development to other areas that may pan out further
in the future (e.g., your ATM comment). Grumble. I would agree that
most activities I noticed where fairly tactical or longer term
research, not much time-middleware. What do you suggest we should do


PS: My "profit hungry and not much investing" comment was in response
to getting a tad annoyed at 10% packet losses being just fine. You
know that I know that there are people out there who take things
more seriously than that.