links on the blink (fwd)

In message <>, "Steven J. Richardson" write

  Uh... Michael, when we were running the NSFNET, as Hans-Werner and
  many readers of this list are well aware, we did _not_ accept 10% packet
  loss on any link or across the network. These problems stayed with
  the NSFNET NOC until resolution by the provider, MCI. We only considered
  -0%- loss to be acceptable.


Enough of your wild stories of -0%- loss. :slight_smile: The correct figure was
10^-5 for acceptance with 10^-4 being the maximum threshold we would
accept on a running circuit before contacting MCI to take the circuit
in a maintenance window for diagnostics. That doesn't mean we
wouldn't bug MCI to get the circuits back perfectly clean. :wink:

We still have the same criteria. I think MCInet is also as vigilant.