links on the blink (fwd)

Paul Vixie wrote:

(As long as I'm singing the GIGAswitch's praises, I'd like to add that DEC
is planning a GIGAswitch-to-GIGAswitch interconnect product but it will only
run at a few hundred megabits, not the full b/w of the crossbar; and further,
they now sell an ATM version of the GIGAswitch in case you don't want FDDI
but you need an ATM with working congestion control.)

It also supports full-duplex FDDI, which is about as fast as ATM/AAL5
over OC-3 and has no ATM problems (i.e. things like multicasting work
as they are supposed to). Now if only YFRV produced devices which
could talk full-duplex FDDI and native IP over SONET...