links on the blink (fwd)

> Well, I don't think I will need to be reminded not to buy Internet service
> from your organization.

Why not? We don't run the Internet, we just connect people to it.

As has been said about New Yorker cartoons, if you don't get it, no amount
of explanation will help.


Give me one example of an ISP that will take responsibility for fixing a
problem that is outside their control and is also outside the control of
the companies with which they have contracted for service.

We can try to help other people fix their problems so our customers can
get service, but "trying" is just about the limit. I have helped
Compuserve fix email gateway problems, a small California college fix DNS
problems, the Internic fix errors in the .com zone file, and so on. This
is become I am a nice guy and have some ability to pinpoint the actual
source of problems. But it is not a service that I promise to my
customers or that I contract to perform.

In an anarchical webwork of relationships like the Internet, that is the
best that anyone can do. To do differently would mean changing the entire
paradigm upon which the global Internet is based. But if you do that you
may just kill the goose that laid the golden egg because the commercial
success of today's Internet is inextricably tangled with the pricing
schemes used and those pricing schemes are in turn created by the network

Aside from more draconian network monitoring and control schemes to
provide contractually guaranteed service levels, we could just solve the
problems by adding twice as much bandwidth as we need. But then....
nature abhors a vacuum... and the video-on-demand folks are sitting on
the sidelines drooling with their tongues hanging out...

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