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Nathan writes:

Well, I think the problem is that providers lock people in 1 and 2 year
contracts so if people get bad service they are stuck. That is why I only
have month to month service, if people don't like there T1 then they can
quit. I think we need more providers to do that, I know of a lot users
that are on providers that want to switch, but have 8 months left on
their contract.

I think you're confusing "quality" with "locked into contract." If
you have quality, being locked in with fixed rates and service is a good
thing. If you don't have quality it's a bad thing.

Try real hard not to blame the provider, but the idiot who signed a contract
that doesn't have performance guarantees. We [ACES Research] offer our
clients contracts, and if they want to pay for performance guarantees, those
too. None of them whine, so I assume they're happy and not upset. Some of
them have locked rates till '98 that are just too good to mention.

Nathan Stratton CEO, NetRail, Inc. Your Gateway to the World!