Line rate gigabit router/switch options

Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2008 16:17:12 -0400
From: "Brant I. Stevens" <>

What about a 6524 switch? Or a Juniper EX 4200?

6524? Sounds like a bit of overkill to me.

As far as the EX4200, it might do the job in a bit, but, as of the
latest JunOS release, too many features are supported for us to use them
as full-function routers. Maybe in a release or two (late this year),
they will be ready. The hardware is most impressive.

Note that they will not handle full routes. I believe that they do about
12K routes, so they may be fine for you application. They do all of the
"standard" protocols, but they don't so MPLS yet. I'm not quite sure
when this will make it into JunOS.

I'm quite impressed with the potential of this box and, as a layer 2
switch, they run very well. Just some serious limitations for layer

If you don't need a full table or 10G, a sup32 6503 chassis bundle is
very affordable. 8 sfp and 1 copper port for about 9k after discount.

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