Lightower (ASN:46887) RTBH community info


Does anyone know the RTBH community for Lightower? I’ve tried 46887:666 but that doesn’t work. I have a /32 I need to blackhole, Lightower is the last ISP and it doesn’t appear they support RTBH :frowning:



I would love to know which ISP's support RTBH? We have struggled to get anyone to support communities. If their website says they do, their NOC sure doesn't know it or agree... I don't want to list names here, but truly we would love RTBH capabilities with our upstreams.

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Windstream: 7029:4507
GTT: 3257:2666

are the two I know of.

Backwards from what you want (sorted by provider rather than supported "feature" e.g. RTBH), but:


Hi all,
there is a well-known BLACKHOLE BGP community underway [0]: 65535:666

All transit providers and IXPs are kindly asked to support it. DE-CIX will support this community on all its IXPs soon.

Best regards,


    Windstream: 7029:4507
    GTT: 3257:2666
    are the two I know of.