lighting talks and the program committee

<again wearing that chair of the nanog program committee hat>

two quick reminders as many of us head towards LA for the conference:

1) there have been some excellent lightning talks submitted but there
are still more slots availble than talks submitted. if you have an
idea and can whip up an abstract by tomorrow and a talk by monday, you
still stand an excellent chance of getting to present at this nanog.
i've heard lots of good ideas that i have yet to see in lightning
talks. so send 'em in! has the information on how to submit

2) many slots in the nanog program committee are opening up. the
program committee is the group of 16 people responsible for
recruiting and selecting the entire set of talks/presentations/bofs
you see at nanog. most of you are *positive* you could do a better
job than we have been doing. of that i have no doubt. so please
submit your name to be considered for a slot. there is a certain
amount of work involved (about 4 conference calls per nanog and the
requirement to read/vote/comment on almost every submitted talk) but
the rewards in fame and infamy are well worth it.

more information is here:

you can nominate yourself or someone else by sending mail to:

looking forward to seeing many of you in LA tomorrow.