[liberationtech] Syria blackout?

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And as a follow up on this list:

I have one report from one ISP(Sawa) that things are blocked. I am now
trying to collect more info to see if it is something implemented at
the ISP level or something at the exit points for the entire country.
These international connections fall under the control of STE(State
Telecom Establishment) and the PDN/PDN2 backbone that they control,
which everyone else rides on top of. In the past all blocking was
ordered and relayed through STE, but implemented at the ISP level.
This resulted in discrepancies and uneven filtering as ISP choose to
interpret the rules a little differently, as well as using different
to tech to implement the orders from the Syrian Government. If this is
a uniform block across all ISPs, then it indicates that STE has
stepped in and and taken responsibility. It also indicates that they
may have acquired new gear, as they did not have the capacity or
skills to take part in such activity in the past.

- -Andrew