LF Microsoft Bing/Cache (edge) contact?

We have an (apparently now defunct) on-premise Microsoft Bing cache. Traffic has dropped off from it over the last few months.

Unlike the other cache programs, we haven’t heard anything proactive from MS – the contact who set this up with us long ago moved on to other companies. It also appears that the program is now called Microsoft Edge Caching.

We’d like to continue to host a Microsoft cache, no matter the name.

Based on https://www.peeringdb.com/net/694 we could be looking to ioc@microsoft.com and peering@microsoft.com, and per https://peering.azurewebsites.net/Peering/Caching we should be looking to ispnode@microsoft.com for inquiries about the current cache program.

However despite being listed as the address of record for peering inquiries, ispnode@microsoft.com bounces external emails, apparently using a mailing list (member whitelist).

The other two addresses haven’t produced any responses.

Does anyone have a current contact for Microsoft’s edge caching program, or work there yourself?


Jeremy Austin

Alaska Communications