Level3 rwhois broken

Anybody? Makes it a pain to perform surgical spam blocking when this
happens :slight_smile:

suresh@samwise 01:52:24 <~> $ telnet rwhois.level3.net 4321


It's nice to see someone is using RWHOIS. Back when I wrote the RWHOIS
daemon for HE I spoke with Mark Kosters (one of the authors of RFC 2167). I
wish I still had the emails because at the time he was shocked anyone would
create software for something that no one really uses. I seem to recall him
calling it a waste of time :wink:

That said... I'm seeing Level 3's RWHOIS down as well. And to be honest,
they're probably not monitoring it.

I put together a protocol framework in Node.js


Its still useful for some companies.

We decommissioned our rwhois server, but apparently we didn't get DNS cleaned up (which we'll do in the near future).

The closest thing we have to that is our whois server rr.level3.net, or if that doesn't quite meet your needs, you can contact our security department at abuse@level3.net.


Works for me, thanks.

I forgot exactly which IPs this was about right now though :slight_smile: