Level3 routing issues?

Third point to the correlation above: The vast majority of Windows admins
are dingbat-morons, self-proclaimed experts. Had then not been
dingbat-morons, and applied the readily available and widely announced
patches (as zealously as unix folks patch thier stuff), this'd be all
moot, and we'd all have gotten a better nights sleep.

I don't think this is fair statement either, Linux and Microsoft
have the most issues because they have the largest market share - security
by obscurity. It doesn't mean they have anymore issues than any other
vendors, success brings problems and this is one of them.


That's partially, but not entirely, true. I would lay money against anybody
willing to bet, that the OpenBSD project has cleaner code, with fewer bugs,
than any other OS in common use today, commercial _or_ free. Yes, the OpenBSD
project (for example) has fewer announced vulnerabilities and exploits - but
it's not due to a lack of market share. It's due to clean code.

Conversely, MS software (both OS, server and client-side) leading the way in
vulnerabilities, patches and exploits is not due entirely to market share.
Redmond has a history of releasing crap code, with security consistently
taking a backseat to featuritis and time-to-market.

This is straying off-topic, and I tend to rant on this issue, so this will be
my last post on the subject.