Level3 IRR contact

I'm trying to get some old IRR objects removed from the LEVEL3 database, and not having much luck.

Their support guys silently closed my ticket and then had our account manager email us directly basically saying "we don't what you want us to do".

I used to use routing@level3 to get this done, however they don't seem to reply anymore.

http://www.irr.net/docs/list.html directs me to rr@level3.net, which has an autoreply that says "open a ticket"

You may wish to start by swapping the Level3 domain for the CenturyLink

If you find someone helpful at L3/CL for your request, I would like to have its contact (off-list). I’ve been trying to cleanup old objects too without much success.


I had success cleaning up old IRR stuff via email to the contact listed in the AS3561 whois entry. It's a different person listed now, but perhaps they are also interested & responsive.