Level3 in the Midwest is KIA

L3 dropped us at 13:30CST. I've been told that whatever happened took out everything from KC to Wichita to Little Rock to Houston. No word on the cause and no ETA yet. They're handing us 37 routes which is a far cry from the roughly 237,000 we'd normally get. I recognize 3 of the routes too as routes local to the Wichita area.


I've been told that there are 2 issues. One was fiber cut, I believe in the Houston area. The second issue was a card failure, also in the Houston area. Both failures contributed to a loss on a backbone ring that covers a portion of the Midwest. The master ticket number is 2332102 for those who want updates.


Justin Shore wrote:

Ah, that old-age problem of designing redundancy to cover one failure, but
not two.