level3 europe problems


from friday, after a peer reset from level3, we've started to have some
issues with the bgp session with level3

1. first they sent us just around 4000 prefixes (instead of ~300k)
2. then nothing, we opened a trouble ticket and they said they rebooted
a router, and so on.
(we saw an interesting graph in decix
http://www.decix.net/content/network.html )
3. after that, the connection seemed to be ok. all prefixes received but:
- some websites, including level3.net were loading very slow sometimes,
sometimes not at all.
- dns issues with hosts around the world
- some ipsec tunnel around the world not working, some did, and same
with telnet/snmp.
- mtr not working to some hosts, ping always looked ok.
4. the second i shutd the neighbor, all communication was ok. i made
several tests, and as soon as the peer was up, the problem begun.
peer down - all was ok on the other providers.

did anyone else exeprienced this kind of issues?

the ticket is still open, but we did't recieved any rfo etr for 2,5 days :slight_smile: