Level3/CenturyLink IRR Contact

Does anyone know who to contact to have old information removed from Level3/CenturyLink’s IRR. My ASN still shows in their registry with stale information from an old customer of theirs but I can’t seem to find anyone at CenturyLink that even knows what an IRR is so I’m just going in circles. I’d like to just have the stale info removed so when I add my info to Merit, there isn’t a conflict.



I will ping you off list with contact details.

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Same issue here. Was never able to get anyone to correct it after trying a solid handful of email contacts there.

What’s weird is that the entry was created while I owned the space and was created by a large enough organization that I’m not sure it’s fraud (plus they’ve never tried announcing the space that I’ve seen) but I don’t see how it’d have been a typo based on the space they are announcing, so I’m not sure exactly what the people involved were thinking. My IPv6 /32 is in the Level3 IRR db though, with an origin set to AS22773 which is an organization I’ve never had any relationship with whatsoever.

Good luck!

I had the same issue show up with a netblock that we used to route for a customer. That netblock has now been allocated to someone else and they contacted me to see if we could get it removed from the IRR as it was causing them some trouble.

I still have a circuit with Level3/CenturyLink, so I ended up opening a trouble ticket through the customer portal on that circuit and explained my need.

I got a response back that it had been removed from the BGP filters, so I had to explain that while that's find and good, I'm really needing it removed from the IRR.

The response back after that was that it isn't in the IRR. I wrote back showing that it in fact was in the IRR.

After a couple days of no response I commented the ticket again asking for the issue to be escalated. Finally got a response back that it had been removed.

Took about a week total.