Level3 AWS network issues?

Is anyone else seeing issues connecting to the different Amazon AWS
products from the east coast via Level3?

I'm very high latency once I hit Amazon's network on Level3 for the last
day and a half:

me@computer:~/$ tracepath s3.amazonaws.com
1: computer.local 0.136ms pmtu
1: XXXXXXXX 6.495ms
1: XXXXXXXX 2.091ms
2: 8.933ms
3: gig-2-18-nycmnyr-rtr02.nyc.rr.com 12.440ms
4: tenge-0-4-0-6-nyquny91-rtr001.nyc.rr.com 12.296ms
5: bun6-nyquny91-rtr002.nyc.rr.com 13.894ms
6: ae-3-0.cr0.nyc20.tbone.rr.com 16.869ms
7: 10.200ms
8: xe-9-3-0.edge2.Newark1.Level3.net 12.215ms
9: ae-32-52.ebr2.Newark1.Level3.net 12.380ms
10: ae-4-4.ebr2.Washington1.Level3.net 20.277ms
11: ae-92-92.csw4.Washington1.Level3.net 15.482ms
12: ae-2-70.edge3.Washington1.Level3.net 15.972ms asymm 13
*13: AMAZON.COM.edge3.Washington1.Level3.net 277.609ms asymm
16 *
*14: 311.718ms asymm
17 *
*15: 325.718ms *
*16: 279.354ms asymm
17 *
*17: 276.793ms asymm
15 *

I've heard from a few other folks that they're experiencing this as well,
but only if they're traversing the Level3 network.

I've tried contacting Amazon and tried going through my own provider but
haven't been able to get anywhere. Can anyone forward this to the
appropriate Amazon/Level3 contacts or provide contact information for
someone that I can relay this information to?