Level3 and AT&T Latency

Is anybody else seeing or having major latency between Level 3 and AT&T
today? We are multi-homed with Level 3 being one of our ISP's and had to
divert traffic after seeing these issues.



Yes, we are seeing the same issues, centering around Chicago. I have a
ticket open with Level3, but I'm assuming they're going to tell me it's
AT&T's issue.

I know we have been dealing with a Level 3, OC192 Fiber cut in PHX today.

They just got it spliced back up. Not sure if it is related to your latency.


For what it's worth, Level3 finally told us they had a peering issue with
AT&T. They ended up re-routing traffic for the time being until they
identify the issue.

Of course, for some reason a peering issue doesn't warrant a Network Event
on their portal...

Unfortunately, many issues don't appear (deliberately?) as network events on their portal.

As a matter of pure competitive intelligence gathering (i.e. I do not mean this as a rhetorical question), which providers list peering issues on their portal? Particularly when they might be a bit more of an ongoing nature vs. a concrete outage?


Comcast to XO due to Comcast's TATA peering issue.



I'd love to see verifiable public data to back up that claim.

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AS13030 -> http://www.init7.net/en/status/


And that is listed on which providers portals, XO's, Comcast's or Tata's?