Level 3 US east coast "issues"

Level 3 experiencing widespread "unspecified routing issues" on the US east coast. Master ticket 1086844. Anyone have more specific information?

More, but not specific. We shut off our BGP session to them as lots of
sites were unreachable through Level3. I'm waiting for a callback to say
it might be safe to turn it back on. "backbone impairment" is pretty
vague. Could be a fiber cut, crashed router, bad software upgrade, etc.
Hopefully they know more about it than they're saying.

Level 3 is currently experiencing a backbone outage causing routing
instability and packet loss. We are working to restore and will be
sending hourly updates.

Service Impact Statement
Level 3 is currently experiencing a backbone impairment.

Affected Locations
Routing instability and packet loss are possible network wide, but
concentrated on the eastern US.

It seems to be more than just the east coast, I am seeing blackholes coming
from the West as well...