Level 3 / Time Warner problem in Columbus OH?

Time Warner is reporting to me that their provider, Level 3 is having
problems in Columbus OH that is affecting several large midwest
cities. Anyone have more details?

Just spoke with TW Telecom on my ticket. They have (2) OC-192s down in
the Ohio area. They have open troubles with their vendor. Seems odd
that both are down according to the rep I spoke with. We have shut down
our TW Telecom BGP session until resolved due to high latency.

Mike Walter, MCP
Systems Administrator

Master ticket number is ST78001, effecting OH, IN, KY. They report that
they have a couple of OC-192s down.

Same here, we have also shut down our TWT peer.

Steve Searles
Sr. Network Engineer
Zimmerman Communications Inc.
Phone. 513-624-3900
Fax. 513-624-3909
Toll Free. 888-624-3910

Same. Also shut down peering with TWC.

We have confirmation from some local technicians that an OC-192 is down between Columbus, OH and Ashburton, VA... and an OC-192 down between Indianapolis and Chicago. Another tech that I spoke to said it was a problem between Ohio and NYC. That is causing major problems all over Ohio.

www.donet.com (Dayton Ohio ISP)

My sources report that both OC-192 circuits in Time Warner's backbone
have recovered. I see no packet loss or latency across their network