Level 3 Philly "Major outage"?

I have a cabinet at Broadwing's (now Level 3) Norristown data center, for over 2 years now. It has always seemed something of a backwater in terms of Broadwing's network, and even more so with Level 3.

An outage started yesterday morning, reportedly caused by a broadcast storm on their Philly Big Iron switch that connects to Norristown (this happened before last August). In a couple of hours, they had it fixed, only for it to go into up-and-down mode a couple of hours later, for the rest of the day. I escalated the ticket at around 6:20pm, but saw no lasting improvment.

This morning, I started getting customer calls that it was down again. I called Level 3 once more, after seeing the same "Analysis in Progress" message on their portal from the previous evening. The rep described that a "major outage" was happening in Philly, even though there's nothing on their "Network Outages" list about it.

I would think that if this was a "Major Outage" in Philadelphia for Level 3, there would be some NANOG chatter on it, which I don't see. It's back up for now, but does anybody have any knowledge of this?

As an aside, would it be ok for me to solicit colocation services in the Philadelphia area on this list? A change has to be made at some point.


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