Level 3 issues?

Anyone seeing issues with Level 3 networking right now? We’re seeing huge latency and loss on traffic coming inbound (to us, AS33260) but it seems to be at the peering points with other major ISP’s and Level 3. Comcast for example:

  3 33 ms 21 ms 70 ms te-3-5-ur01.hershey.pa.pitt.comcast.net []
  4 * 33 ms 106 ms
  5 214 ms 54 ms 41 ms
  6 561 ms 764 ms 459 ms



Was looking at an internal report not long ago. L3 NYC to Miami looked to be in really rough shape. As I was watching, things flipped inside L3 to go NYC->Boston, then handed off to Cogent.
Didn't dig further than that, but methinks they have something going on, yes. Thanks,

I'm having trouble reaching my Birch connection from Verizon and another
Birch site. But no issues from FPL Fibernet which passes through Level3.

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Have been seeing issues since just after 3P. Had to swing my traffic over to another provider. Level3 says issues seen from Costa Rica on up to WDC.

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I just heard from someone there is suspicion that a fiber cut occurred in FL, possibly Miami area, and it has revealed a capacity issue on the L3 network. Haven’t received official word on that yet, but I know our legacy TWTC connection is nearly as useless as our L3 connection thanks to the network merging activities.


Saw the same here. Legacy TW (AS4323) connection didn't take quite the hit that our Level3 (AS3356) did. But they were both seeing similar issues. Had to push traffic some specific routes toward cogent *shudder*.
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Yes; you should subscribe to outages@outages.org for better reports. (Short summary - yes, no root cause/TTR yet).

George William Herbert