Level(3) faux paux

I have noticed that Level(3) misconfigs/outages seem to happen more
frequently than with most other Tier 1's. Am unsure whether or not this

maybe they have a larger change-rate? or more folks that notice problems
and complain here? (note that I don't know but suspect everyone has a
relatively close approximation of this figure at a certain place in the

show up more often with issues than say Sprint [AS1239]. Is their any

(cause they don't let Ted on routers anymore...)

one (or any coporation) that keeps track of outages such as these?
Would think it might be a good thing to know for proper mulit-homing
relationships to minimize the type of outage that Yahoo faced...

Because someone 3 as-hops away sucking down your prefix and traffic is
your direct provider's problem how?


Cuz they are taking over at a rate that their best engineers can’t meet.