Legislative Relief - was Re: Motion for a new POST NSF AUP

Seems to me like people will use the net in any legal way in the
future (some may even go illegally). I don't think that the net is
more equal than the phone system or postal mail here. However, there
may be technical means on the recipient side to presort email more
easily than with phone/postal. For example, if we had more
sophisticated user interfaces for electronic mail, the mailer can make
certain predeterminations. Perhaps I would like to only allow email
into my main mailbox from a predefined set of senders, and everything
else ending up in a junk mailbox. I guess if, e.g., PacBell would have
followed up on the PUC permission in 1992 (or whenever that was) to
provide callerID, and if some callerID box were coupled with a
computer, I could do the same thing of not having the phone ring
unless the call comes from someone who I want to be called from. Or
have the computer use different rings or so.

Anyway, just rumbling, main point, we should look for technical,
rather than legal/administrative solutions, it seems.